Your body is unique. Its support should be too. 

We're here to help you love taking care of you. Support built to help you should uniquely fit you. Learn what routines work best for you, and optimize your lifestyle. Unlock the insights in your wellness lifestyle and take the guess-work out of your self-care.

Floka app

*Version 2, launching soon.

Self-care takes your whole self.  

We believe ovulation is an eco-indicator, or feedback on health, that supporting you in steps to thrive impacts your WHOLE life and that you are more than the sum of your parts. 

Periods are not just for pregnancy.  

What if personalized ai learned from the intelligence of your body?  

Partnering with you to unlock your best self.  

A holistic approach to wellness can unlock the secrets of what helps you feel your best. Wellness data that just sits on your phone isn't helpful. But pulled together, we can unlock the insights to help you in every step of your journey. 

Created to get behind you.

 Our biggest goal is for your to thrive.

Floka Smart phone


Feel free to connect your existing wellness apps at on-boarding (we mean ALL). We'll set you up with your insights on day 1. 

Chat Floka express


In addition to data from other apps, express your goals and concerns in a smart diary that sends you tailored feedback. Or, use flöka to track- it's there for you whenever you need it. 

Floka Solve


You've done it! Every day you will get more unique inisghts and recommendations on your lifestyle to help you acheive your goals! Don't worry, this support evolves with you. 

Designed with Empathy for your whole wellness journey. 

When it comes to your regimen, what works for you is not always what works for everyone else. You are unique. Flöka was built to empower women to take care of themselves by owning their uniqueness. Flöka is the world's first personalized holistic wellness system. Our goal is to first listen and then support your wellness concerns- engineered with and powered by positive psychology.

We make it easy and fun to experiment with your routine and learn from it- to help you on your journey to to optimal health and wellness. Take control of how you feel. Sit in the pilot seat of your life. You are going places!

Support that evolves with you. 

Your whole journey is what we're here for. 

Unlock Your Insights