Teamwork makes the dreamwork. We're a team of wellness-enthusiastic, bright, creative people who celebrate the uniqueness in each other. Our different superpowers are our greatest strength. 

Shh... we're not big on titles, but we are big on the unique value we're bringing to our users! The story of how flöka was created is a tale of collective stories that intertwined. 

vanessa de Waal floka founder


Product, People & Community (CEO)

Vanessa's passion for wellness had been no secret since she was 13. In spite of her healthy habits and passion for things like yoga and green smoothies, at 22 she was faced with a medical issue that had no cure. So she decided to immerse herself in a year's worth of women's health research, supported by her mother, an M.D. She read everything she could on PubMed, ran experiments, and tried every health app out there. After two years she emerged with thriving health again determined to share her vision on how to make this process a lot easier for everyone else. Vanessa has committed her life to making the data science holistic wellness needs accessible. Her empathy for the user experience and their non-linear journeys drives her every day. 

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Heather Herriot Floka


Health Behavior Scientist (PhD Cand.)

Heather is an accomplished scientist who studies the connection between mind and body. Her research connects the psychological and objective biological measures of health (like cortisol, inflammation and chronic illness). Heather and Vanessa have been friends for a long time and even bonded over a shared passion for positive psychology - because of it, she convinced Vanessa to switch her major. Heather also enjoys making Kombucha, challenging herself and taking steps to change indutries by changing how we think. She dreams of building the best tool for optimizing for psychological and physical health. To do that she knows that positive psychology is the key, and is therefore at the centre of flöka's UX design. These are founding principles Heather and Vanessa rally the team around.



Lead Backend Engineer, MEng

Lambert makes Insight happen! From data science to natural language processing, Lambert works hard to ensure that each user gets the unique experience they deserve. In the office, he's sharing his infectious positive attitude and working with the Insights team. For Lambert, where there is a will- there's a way! He loves building new and better insights every day. Lambert recently completed his masters of Computer science in cybersecurity- reverse engineering how we can make mobile databases more secure. Outside of the office, he loves badminton, personal training, table tennis, and hiking!

Vasilii Trofimchuk


Lead Product /Advisor, Co-Founder & CTO of Sygn 'acq. by Square, Ex-Amazon, Samsung

Vasilii has 10+ years of extensive experience both developing complex systems and leading extraordinary engineering teams around the globe. Vasilii brought an impact to the payments industry through his work at Amazon, Samsung, PAY.ON and NTSwincash. He worked throughout different stages of payment processing flow, starting from merchant payment integration and ending with payment authentication and authorization. Vasilii focuses on building happy and high-performance teams, inspire growth and constant iterative improvement.
Most recently Vasilii co-founded Sygn - a FinTech start up that helps online merchants improve checkout conversion by lowering customer frustration and friction. Vasilii inspires us with how he leads teams. He recently sold this company to Square payments.

Carlo floka team


Mobile Developer & UX/UI Designer (BA)

Carlo is a polymath whose deep understanding of user experience radiates through his code. From his programming to his design chops, Carlo was previously CTO of CollectAR. Carlo is a self-described Swift admirer and UI/UX aficionado. He's constantly learning new things to, and teaching the team- from development to his wellness experiments. Carlo's passion for the power of learning as much as you can, fast, shows. His empathy for our users daily life and dedication to excellent user experiences helps us make the magic happen. 

Hernani Costa


Data Scientist, ML and Natural Language Processing (PhD Cand.)

Hernani has 11+ years of experience in building industrial and academic Artificial Intelligence Solutions. His background in Natural Language Processing, Recommender systems and ML that he's previously applied to the health field as NLP Data Scientist at Elsevier. Henani asks the right questions, bringing an approach that has gavlanized the whole team since day 1. Hernani enjoys spending time with his family, working in the future, and Crossfit!


Web Engineer BSc.

Eric's passion for health started with studying in Kinesiology at UBC. Since then, he developed a passion for solving problems in health with data and technology. Eric loves hiking, swimming, has flown a plane and was previously a lifeguard!


FullStack Engineer

Eric has been coding since he was 10. A child prodigy and talented Engineer with a passion for soccer. learning, and solving hard problems. Due to his passion for mathematics, he started his journey in Engineering at the University of Toronto and hasn't looked back since!


Web Engineer

Shade has been an incredible addition to our team. Her insight for user experience radiates through her code.

"I am an adventure seeker who lives on challenges and excitement. The unpredictability and excitement of learning something new have brought out the best of myself. Battling the nasty warnings and errors have become an integral part of my life since then. However, I always treat those errors as opportunities to enhance my technical skills. I also enjoy learning a variety of technologies and read about how current technologies can be integrated into our lives to improve human wellbeing. Besides coding, I also paddle with UBC Current (dragon boat team)!"

Self-care that evolves with you.

Your whole journey is what we're here for.