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The fastest Integrative experience ever made.

Floka Natropahtic doctor N.D.

We give practitioners superpowers.

We've rebuilt history communication from the ground up to make you brilliant at what you do. We specifically designed it for those of you who want the best.

Flöka is gorgeous and makes your practice incredibly fast. She comes with advanced features that help you move the needle on behaviour- getting to outcomes faster. Patient-generated 360-degree lifestyle communication, intelligent correlations, all while connecting with the clients that need you most. Flöka is integrative health's intelligent future- enhancing practice so that you get to focus on your strengths.

Flöka is so fast, delightful, and intelligent — she's here to make growing your practice effortless.

Review real-time history before visits

Grow your practice

Simplify to deliver a world-class user experience

Seamlessly integrate

Track and Impact behaviour change faster

Smart Accountability

Intelligent Insights

Secure communication

Cut through the noise
Triage with A.I- to get to the insights that matter.

Respond with Brilliant timing

Being there when it matters, matters. Don't drop the ball again and un-bloat your inbox with secure chat. Get paid for and value your time. Burnout free.

Form Lasting Connections

You are in the business of changing lives. That starts with behaviour. We act as a partner to help you transform lives faster. There's nothing better than delivering an excellent patient experience for your practice's growth.

Lightning Fast

Lifestyle updates in real-time. Intelligence to deliver a world-class user experience beyond the first visit.

Integrate Seamlessly with tools she's already using
Meet your patients where they are. Connect her existing apps and wearables to bring together her holistic wellness fingerprint.

You are talented. We are behind you.

Join the Future

How do I get to the top of the line faster?

The best way is through an invite from someone already using it or by a patient nomination.