Our story begins when we realized "there must be a better way". The connected health landscape was silo-ed, and it didn't match up to the emerging shift in holistic health that was truly individualized, and proactive about looking at trends unique to you. We created this technology to empower a community of women, biohackers, wellness enthusiasts, and people anywhere along their wellness journey to help support them as they navigate their voyage faster, by building tools to help them accelerate their learning. ​  

We recognized that seeing you as a whole person was of incredible power, as we could add the most value to your experience and daily regimen.  


We believe that the great reward of positive health behaviours should be the end in and of itself- the feeling of wellness. Internal rewards are the most satisfying. Your journey is about keeping your eye on your own mat.  

We believe that technology built by a diversity of perspectives is better technology, and that technology for women should be designed by women. And it needs to acknowledge what you need as a whole person.  

We believe that your data is yours, and that if you are going to give data science companies the privilege of your time, its priority should be giving you value back, that is unique for you, right away.  

We believe that the future of technology is empathetic. Empathy is the core principle that guides us in helping users, wherever they are, and supporting them to achieve the goals unique to them.  

We believe that the best futures are built by the involvement of a diverse and vocal community. We involve you every step of the way in the design process and iteration, so that whether you are an engineer or not- you have a voice in design process of the future of the technology that is built for you.  

OUR VISION ​ We believe meaningful interventions start with rich data-sets that grow by asking intuitive questions. We know that the right questions are different for each user.  

Our vision is to change the way technology intersects with women's lives, for it to be highly anticipatory, positive and supportive as women move throughout life's stages. We believe that you are the expert on your body, and what you need is individual to you.  


Empathy Listening is central to what we do from product development to culture. We're all about applying EI(emotional intelligence) to the artificial kind. We've engineered feedback and mind-sight right into our design. Deep listening is where everything of value gets started. 

Excellence It's the little things that make the vision of this technology and its level of service different. We value the accountability of being held to the highest standard of product and of character. We believe in the power of human potential. We seek each day to cultivate environments that enable our team members and users to thrive. We live for it- to create value. 

Thoughtfulness A part of excellence, but so important we like to make it a value on its own- to us thoughtfulness means designing software and an experience for a diversity of people with a diversity of needs. For us, thoughtfulness begets inclusion and we’re all about making the largest possible impact. It’s the little things. Thoughtfulness makes personalization possible!  

Inclusion Our word for a holistic, integrative, hyper-considerate perspective and we think Inclusion is the right one. From making no user information irrelevant or unwelcome to how we organize our teams, inclusion is at the forefront of what makes us different. Inclusion is our strength- of opinions, of varying feedback and of perspectives. It is the driver behind our innovation.  

Integrity We're proud to stand behind our partners, our organization members, and our products because of the level of integrity and attention to detail they share. There may be no greater product than the outcome of when individuals of integrity committed to creating value come together. 

Zero Entitlement It's an honour to have your attention and a privilege to be a data science company, one we don't take lightly. The least we can do is make sure that we're adding maximal value. We're focused not on what we can get (ahem, tracking) but on what we can give. Our first design principle is to ask you to do less, while giving you more. This is also part of our culture as a team. We are learners. We think gratitude is part of a healthy existence. We're focused on giving and helping each other. "To give much is to generate serendipity"

Smart self-care for your best self.

You are unique. Uncover what works best for you.